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Dare to Dream...

Audio Post-Production

Working with sound in post including Foley, ADR, editing, mixing and mastering.

Sound Design

Sound landscapes encouraging the imagination of futuristic places and things.

Private Lessons

Recording, editing, and mixing techniques including mobile recording, studio setup, working in Foley and ADR.

My name is Melissa Stark, my friends call me Mel.

I hail from Sacramento, California where I graduated with honors from Sacramento City College with an A.A. I then transferred to the University of the Pacific’s Conservatory of Music where I received a Bachelors of Music in Composition, Magnum Cum Laude. Finally, I ended up in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon, “Go Ducks!,” where I graduated with a Master of Music in Intermedia Music Technology. Now I’m blessed with working in a field I love. How cool is that! For over 20 years I have been working in the music technology field – composing, creating, designing, recording, mixing and mastering music of all types. Since 2004, I’ve been teaching sound capture techniques and career technical courses at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. When I’m not teaching, I freelance giving lessons, working and collaborating with local artists, and most recently joined the team at

“Dare to Dream” is a motto I started using with my students as a way to encourage them to pursue their goals. As much as I love working in the studio and making sound the best it can be, I now have a passion that has slowly taken root with me – being a mentor to the next generation of engineers and artists. I have been incredibly lucky to have met and worked with so many talented young students over the last decade that now becoming a mentor, giving lessons, and/or offering opportunities for internships and co-ops through the college has turned into a passion. In some ways, the next generation has it so easy, and yet it can be tremendously challenging. We need more seasoned veterans out there guiding the new folks and I hope to continue to do just that.

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Eugene, OR

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