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Summary of Creative Works

The following is a list of projects I have worked on over the course of my career, starting with the most recent. If you would like to view some examples, click the Portfolio page.

Flash in the Dark - 2019

A stop motion project using Dragonframe. Production crew running software for stop motion capture, work on set with talent and created the sound track.

To see the project, click here.

Frequency Project - 2018 to Present

A multimedia design project using Metasynth, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. Images taken, manipulated in Photoshop, imported into Metasynth where image lines are read as frequency elements that are then rendered into a soundscape. The render is then exported from Metasynth and brought into Premiere Pro. The result is a Multimedia visual/sound piece.

Electronic Artistry Concert - 2017

Live performance of soundscape piece “Sonic Oceans”

Opal - 2015

Soundscape composition for abstract dance film.

To hear the composition, click here.

Futile: 72-Horror Film Competition - 2015

Location audio, editing, mix and master engineer.

To see the project, click here.

Collaborations - 2013

Soundscape composition for abstract dance performance.

Broken Line - 2012

Broken Line is a Folk Americana album project of original material composed and produced by Mel Stark. This album can be found on iTunes and CD Baby.

Levels - 2006

Collaborative dance/soundscape piece composed for programming at the LCC Spring Concert Series, 2006.

Domain - 2005

Collaborative dance/gallery/soundscape installation performed at the DIVA, in Eugene, Oregon.

Timeless Rhythm - 2004

Collaborative dance/soundscape work programmed for the UO Spring Dance Concert, 2004.

InFlux Online - 2004

Interactive Online Magazine reflective of its hardcopy counterpart with sounds and music. Responsible for all sounds associated with this annual publication from the University of Oregon.

To hear the sound track, click here:

The Waiting, Masters Terminal Project - 2004

A three-movement multimedia piece realized in Kyma, Reaktor and Max/MSP composed for voice, animation and film. Premiered at the Future Music Oregon concert, May 2004.

Elusive Rhythms, Installation, 2003

A soundscape composed to be performed in an open courtyard at the University of Oregon as part of a fundraiser for Food for Lane County, 2003.

Continuity Road, Installation, 2003

A soundscape composed to be performed in an open courtyard at key locations as part of the “Bazaar Bazaar” fundraising event at the University of Oregon, 2003.

Voices, Soundscape, 2001

Digital audio media work realized in Kyma. Premiered in Perth, W. Australia at the Fifth Totally Huge New Music Festival, 2002.

Kaleidoscope, 2001

A symphonic musical piece for large orchestra. A graduation piece required for finishing the composition program at the Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific.

Henny Penny, Small Ensemble, 2000

A work commissioned for the play, Henny Penny. Premiered at the DeMarcus Brown’s Long Theatre at the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA in July 2000 with performances through January 2001.

Drops of Rain, Percussion Ensemble, 1999

Premiered at the University of the Pacific’s Composers Concert (1999) with additional performances at the Composers Forum Concert, University of the Pacific, 2001 and the Percussion Ensemble Concert, University of Oregon, 2002.

Wednesdays in the Spring of 1999, Acoustic Trio work, 1999

Premiered at the University of the Pacific’s Composers Concert, 1999,  with addition performances at the SCI National Student Conference, University of Michigan, 2000.

After Dark, Viola solo work, 1998

Finalist in the 1999 SCI/ASCAP Composers Competition with Performances at the University of the Pacific’s Composers Concert, 1998,  and the SCI Region VIII Conference, Marylhurst University, 1999.


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