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as an intermedia artist

My artistic path has ebbed and flowed over the last 40 years of my life. I started with music due to my family roots with a father who taught music and could pick up any instrument and play it as easily as breathing. I was fascinated by it. However, I didn’t have the pedagogical patience to pursue music. My world was bigger and not so one dimensional. This was evident during my years pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music composition when I was introduced to electro-acoustic music and artistic installations. My work exploded and I knew what I wanted to do. Pursue my masters in a field that allowed me to explore more than just sound.

I saw sound and visual art as a collaboration that is multi-dimensional with different ways to express something powerful. As an intermedia artist, I try to push the boundaries of sound by using sound as a part of a larger artistic piece. Working alone I try to see sound instead of hearing it. I look for patterns that give my work more than just a single path but multiple paths that can impact the viewer or listener in many ways.

Even though I do work on my own, I have worked with artists and choreographers designing soundscapes for gallery installations and dance performances. If someone is in need of something new and different for their event, installation or theatrical performances, I can design something that complements the theme. I use a combination of found sounds, synthesizers, modular and semi-modular hardware to create soundscapes that tell a story.

As I have grown as an intermedia artist, especially over the last ten years, my art has grown beyond just the sonic environment. I have worked on short films, stop-motion projects, interactive media, UI/UX Design projects, created sounds for phone apps and much more. I also teach at Lane Community College in the Media Arts department. There I teach classes in sound capture, post production editing, compositing, business practices and a full range of Adobe products.

Thank you for checking out my work. If you would like to collaborate with me on a future project, please feel free to contact me.

Professional Projects

A look at projects I have done throughout my career starting with the most current.

Creative Works

A peak at projects where I have collaborated with other artists or have created as a solo project.

Creative Works

A peak at projects where I have collaborated with other artists or have created as a solo project.

Portfolio Examples

A breath of examples from my body of work over the last ten years.


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