Sound Design


Sound Design

My first love, and the reason I got into this business, is sound design. I have worked with artists and choreographers designing soundscapes for gallery installations and dance performances. If someone is in need of something new and different for their event, installation or theatrical performances, I can design something for you. I use a combination of found sounds, synthesizers, modular and semi-modular hardware to create soundscapes that tell a story. The story you want expressed through sounds.

If you are interested in original sounds for your website or application, I am happy to meet with you and discuss what you may need for your next project.

My Portfolio

A Foreign Element

A collaborative piece using artwork and images from multimedia design artists who graduated from the Multimedia Design program at Lane Community College. These artists were so inspiring that I collaborated with them to create a visual/sound piece presented at the Annual Spring Show at Lane Community College in the spring of 2017.

All sounds captured or morphed from real sounds or synthetic sounds and realized in Pro Tools. Video sequence was created in Premiere Pro.

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Eugene, OR

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